Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Targeting High-Profile B2B Prospects

Earn the love and admiration of your sales team. Master account-based marketing.

In the interest of filling the funnel, a painful percentage of the marketing budget is often devoured with “spray and pray” techniques. This traditional approach may drive traffic to your website, but fail to touch your most valuable prospects.

Account-based marketing is a better way for B2B enterprises with long sales cycles to laser-focus their resources.

What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

ABM is strategy to identify and target the high-value prospects most likely to result in sales.

ABM Strategy

ToTheWeb offers you an ABM-certified strategist qualified to help you forge a plan to market and sell to high-potential targeted prospects. The process includes:


  • IP targeting—Map offline data with IP addresses
  • Ad targeting—Target by titles, geography, demographics, and more
  • Content syndication—Target accounts strategically


  • Content auditing—Review high-value content to identify gaps in the buying cycle
  • ABM tools—Integrate tools to identify site visitors and the content they consume
  • CRM—Report on target accounts in Salesforce
  • Content personalization—Create strategies to deliver targeted content to website visitors based on onsite behaviors