Evaluate, improve and optimize your site to increase your search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Evaluate, improve and optimize your site to increase your search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There's no place like home.
Executing SEO begins on your website.

Succeeding on the SEO battlefield calls for executing both onsite and off, but it begins at home. Every page of your website should be strategically optimized. ToTheWeb makes it happen with:
Topic and Keywords
We begin by identifying targeted keywords as the overall topic for each page. Armed with keyword research, we’ll create and execute a plan to achieve effective on-site optimization.
Technical SEO audit

Google changes its algorithm hundreds of times a year. We stay on top of the changes to ensure they don’t negatively impact your search traffic.

Content optimization

We work with your writers to ensure the content targets your audience and is properly optimized to influence Google rankings.

Content inventory and audit

B2B websites often have thousands of pages that produce zero results. We conduct a thorough content audit to uncover what does and doesn’t invoke inbound traffic and engagement.

Your key to SEO success: strategic keyword use

Your website team, writers, social media team all need a keyword reference guide featuring clear directives for optimizing every piece of content for success with search.

This is the key to effective SEO programs that boost your site’s ranking in organic search results. We’ll conduct thorough topic research to determine the search terms most likely to be used in search engines by prospective customers and provide a content outline for new content.

The keyword research and discovery process often includes:

  • Discussing the topics and keywords you want to include
  • Sourcing keyword possibilities from past or ongoing PPC campaigns
  • Talking to your clients and sales team
  • Researching competitor sites for relevant search queries
  • Analyzing your site to find the pages effectively using exact keyword phrases (ToTheWeb has a proprietary software tool used for this activity)
  • Evaluating keywords being used in search engines that currently drive traffic to your site
  • Gathering keywords visitors entered into your on-site search tool

Your keyword reference guide is gold

ToTheWeb clients rave about the keyword reference guides they’re provided. Your keyword guide will be used by your entire content creation team—and not only on your website—but also in social media, videos, and all media relations.

Outsourcing brings the best talent!

Does your current staff have the expertise to manage paid advertising campaigns to deliver the best ROI? Do they stay current on Google’s algorithm updates and know how to optimize content when creating content? Can they continually monitor your site for technical SEO problems? If not, it’s time to outsource to experts.

SEO Pricing


Keyword Selection

Content Optimization

Technical Recommendations

Content Strategy

Structured Data Mark-Up

Internal Link Targeting

Our keyword strategies combined with content optimisation

will create leads for your business. Increase sales and attract more customers to your website.
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