Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We evaluate, improve and optimize the use of keywords, title tags, metadata and structured data across your site to increase your search engine rankings.

There's no place like home.
Executing SEO begins on your website.

Though a well-planned SEO program that will deliver results for the long-term must encompass a variety of tactics addressing matters outside of your domain, it must begin at home, across every page of your website.

On-site SEO activities begin with your keyword reference guide.

Keyword Strategy

Keyword phrases are researched and then an execution plan will detail how and where they’ll be used to achieve effective on-site optimization.

Keyword and Content Matrix

ToTheWeb analyzes and evaluates the entire website to determine if the content and keyword use is properly aligned. Generally, the addition of new pages are recommended for pages that cannot be naturally optimized for the selected keywords.

Search Engine Optimization - the gears of motion

Based on the master keyword list, we create a keyword-to-web page matrix identifying the optimum keywords for each page.

Website improvements for SEO

When a keyword strategy is complete and the matrix is approved, onsite page optimization generally involves one or all the following approaches:

  • Content editing – ToTheWeb edits the content focusing on strategic keyword placement in the main copy sections, hyperlinks, H1 tags, bulleted lists, and in a series of “tags” to help ensure proper indexing by the search engines.
  • Structured data markup – We create structured data (rich snippets) information to improve Google’s ability to better understand the context of your website.
  • PDF optimization – Documents published as PDFs function as web pages, yet are seldom optimized, which results in missed opportunities for search. ToTheWeb will write custom tags to help searchers discover your PDF assets.
  • Content creation – Your website, or sections of it, may require a more intensive approach to achieve effective on-site SEO. Recommendations are made for the development of new content to take full advantage of your strategy and matrix.

Search Engine Marketing Pricing: Typical engagements start at $25,000 and increase depending on site requirements and complexity.


Top 30 rankings for 43 LitePoint keyword phrases compared to 6 before content optimization.


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53% INCREASE in traffic from Google in first month after search optimization launched.


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Web leads increased by 70% in the first year and their site now appears on the first three pages of Google for more than 67 keyword phrases resulting in a 211% increase in visitors arriving from search engines.
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Organic search engine visitors increased by more than 90% in the first year delivering a 71% increase in page views and 51% more unique visitors.


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