Leading with AI: Fast-Tracking Your Team’s Marketing and Sales Expertise

About Us

The true measure of SEM performance is lead conversion... increasing converting traffic is the goal. 

About Us

ToTheWeb is a lead generation agency specializing in growing leads for B2B software companies.

About Us

AI has stepped forward.  It’s time for marketers to step up.

Sales and Leads Amplified by AI: Utilize AI-driven insights to not only generate more leads but to qualify them effectively, ensuring your sales team focuses on the most promising prospects.    

Meet the Team


Rosemary Brisco

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Graphic and Web Designer

Michele Grey

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PHP Application Developer

John McAulay

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Senior Designer

Dirk Frandsen

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Writer, journalist, editor

Michael Menduno

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AI Designer & Partner

Jim Rodgers

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The marketing engine has been reinvented

It runs on AI

Our lead generation strategy will create new sales opportunities.

Increase sales and attract more customers to your website.
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