Diving into the world of AI?

Join one of ToTheWeb's AI-centric events to accelerate your learning

Diving into the world of AI?

Join one of ToTheWeb's AI-centric events to accelerate your learning

Upcoming Events

Gen AI: Your Marketing Co-pilot | Current & Cutting Edge

Dec 7 2023: Content Marketing MeetUp


Join us in December to explore the latest generative AI tools and unlock your creative potential.
  • Discover Top Platforms:  We've spent hundreds of hours exploring AI tools, sifting through the myriad options. We’ll guide you to our top recommendations, saving you the time.
  • Master Techniques: Harness the power of AI to boost the creativity and effectiveness of your content.
  • Private Chatbots Use Case: We’ve explored two private chatbots. We’ll share our findings.
While we've outlined key topics, these may change depending on the hottest AI developments in December, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Past Events

How to Use AI for Design Creation: A Webinar for Marketers

Sep 5 2023: Content Marketing Meetup

Watch the 60-min recording

Jim Rodgers, an award-winning designer and AI trainer, will cover:
  • Quickly iterate on designs for faster turnaround on projects.
  • Increased experimentation in your design process
  • Knowledge of how to incorporate AI into your workflow
  • Eliminate stock photo costs with AI-generated imagery
  • Best practices/limitations to using AI responsibly
  • Watch the video teaser (30 seconds)

Demo of Latest ChatGPT Features and Plugins Designed for Business

Aug 3 2023: Content Marketing MeetUp

Watch the 60-min recording

ChatGPT provides no instruction manual. This is the best way to learn. We'll cover:
  • Showcase a carefully chosen selection of plugins, specifically designed for business
  • Present ChatGPT's Data Scientist mode called Code Interpreter and Custom Instructions.
  • Unveil the latest features of ChatGPT and how to implement them
  • Provide a sneak peek at Google's upcoming Search platform

Unlock Infinite Possibilities with ChatGPT Plugins + New Features

Learning Labs on LinkedIn

Watch the 30-min recording

Your Robot is Rocking

As if ChatGPT Could Get Any Cooler...

Here's What's New! Join us for a great discussion on the awesome power of ChatGPT Plug-ins, with a focus on marketing use cases with Rosemary Brisco, a very early adopters of GAI/ChatGPT for marketing.

ChatGPT: Your AI Assistant for Streamlining Marketing Tasks

Feb 16 2023: Content Marketing MeetUp

Watch the 60-min recording

Join us as we explore the capabilities of ChatGPT, an AI-powered "Idea Machine for Business." From streamlining work tasks to generating innovative content, ChatGPT is a game changer. Learn how to:
  • Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT and its capabilities
  • Set up and utilize ChatGPT for your business
  • Discover real-world use cases for marketing and its impact
  • Understand the limitations and benefits of ChatGPT in business
Connect with Rosemary Brisco and our passionate team, dedicated to empowering the marketing community.