Search Engine Spider Simulator

The Search Engine Simulator tool shows you how the engines “see” a web page.
It simulates how Google “reads” a webpage by displaying the content exactly how it would see it.

Why is this important?

Search engines are limited in what they can index on a web page. For example, they cannot read or analyze text displayed in gif or jpeg graphic files.

Use this free SEO tool to understand what search engines can and cannot understand and index.

What should you look for in this data?

  • Do you have a title and description that uses the primary keywords for the page?
  • Check out the keyword frequency to see how often the same phrase appears on the page. Are you seeing the page theme you expect?
  • Are your H1/H2/H3 headings including important keyword phrases?
  • Does your link text include an important keyword phrase describing the content on the page you are linking to?
  • Learn more about keyword optimization.

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