Empower your sales and marketing  teams.

AI Consulting and Training

Empower your sales and marketing teams.

AI Consulting and Training

Capitalize on the immense power of AI

AI is a game-changer for marketing and sales efficiency, offering more advancements than we’ve ever seen.   ToTheWeb makes navigating this complex landscape simpler, offering targeted AI consulting and training. Our custom programs enable your teams to quickly embrace and maximize AI for enhanced performance and pipeline growth.     

Marketing and sales leaders seldom have time to play around in such an expansive sandbox.  There are no manuals and it takes a time and self-teaching effort to harness AI's full potential. We ensure your route to capitalizing on the immense power of AI is fast and efficient. 

Here’s the process:

AI Roadmap: Tailoring Your Strategy

We start by interviewing key stakeholders across your marketing and sales organization to fully understand your operations, identify the biggest opportunities for improvement, and determine the optimal AI-based workflows to pursue first.

We also suggest the formation of an internal AI council. This specialized group will be key in leading AI adoption, ensuring seamless integration into your company's operations.

AI Tools:  Perfecting Your Toolkit

We identify and tailor the most suitable AI tools for your sales and marketing needs, focusing on customization, scalability, and ease of integration. We provide continuous updates on AI tool advancements, ensuring your teams are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for efficient and effective AI utilization.

AI-Powered Marketing Upskill

Get hands-on training tailored for your team's needs:

  • We start with the basics, then ramp up to specialized techniques.
  • Our custom prompts library? It's your shortcut to speed up tasks.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with our regular briefings on AI breakthroughs.
  • New hires? We'll get them up to speed and ready to contribute, fast.
  • We’re serious about doing AI the right way, with a firm focus on data security.

Boosting Sales Efficiency and Pipeline Growth

Companies using AI in sales are surging into market leadership by enabling teams to efficiently research contacts and companies, nurture leads, and convert them into high-value opportunities.

AI-enabled sales teams not only streamline lead nurturing and enhance conversion rates, but they also personalize customer interactions, predict sales trends, automate routine tasks, improve lead scoring accuracy, and optimize overall sales strategies using AI-driven insights.

AI Adoption Sprint: Jumpstart Your AI Transformation

ToTheWeb's four-week AI Consulting package, the essential first step in your AI journey, evaluates your sales and marketing team's skills and identifies areas for growth, recommends needed AI tools, includes an introductory virtual hands-on training session, and provides direction on setting up an internal AI council to advance AI adoption.

The marketing engine has been re-invented.

It runs on AI.

AI Consulting: Sales and Marketing

Starts at $5,000
  • Assessing AI Readiness
  • Establishing an Internal AI Council
  • Assessment and Upskilling Your Team
  • Introduction to ChatGPT for Business
  • Data Security Considerations
  • Copyright Infringement

AI Training Videos

We've tackled the AI learning curve to fast-track your team's journey.

Most are unfamiliar with leveraging ChatGPT and generative AI. The killer use case is a myth—effectiveness depends on the individual. Hands-on training followed by experimentation enables users to uncover the most impactful capabilities for their unique needs.

A.I. boosted
worker productivity by 14%

Stanford and MIT

68% say generative AI will help them better serve their customers.


Generative AI can save marketing pros 5 hours per week.


“Our group training session with ToTheWeb was eye-opening. Everyone went away with specific ideas regarding how they’ll apply ChatGPT to accelerate their workflows.

And, importantly, the people that came into it thinking that AI would take their jobs, left the training with a completely different point of view. They found a new friend. It was inspiring.”

“ToTheWeb’s ChatGPT training course is illuminating and immediately actionable. Recasting ChatGPT from boogeyman to idea machine for marketers, Rosemary provides expert guidance on how to optimize prompts, the best plugins to use, and the pitfalls to avoid.

The training was an instant ROI for the Studio PKC team. We walked away energized, full of ideas on how ChatGPT can save us time in research and iterating, so we’re free to focus on our highest value thinking and creating for our clients. Highly recommend!”

Pamela Kim

Studio PKC

"Rosemary Brisco is the best speaker I've heard on explaining the practical and appropriate uses of AI for marketing purposes. If you're interested in AI, this is an event worth attending "Unlock Infinite Possibilities with ChatGPT Plugins + New Features."

She's like a master conductor bringing all the various "AI instruments" together to make great music."

Sandra Clark

LinkedIn Mentoring

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