Rosemary Brisco

Rosemary Brisco

Rosemary Brisco


Hi! I'm glad you're here and look forward to helping you achieve more with online marketing.

I’m Rosemary Brisco, founder and president of ToTheWeb (since 1995). I hope you’re here because you want to transform your website into your most effective sales tool.

That’s my thing. That’s my team’s thing. It’s what we do for every ToTheWeb client.

Our mission is to help your company turn prospects into customers. (Don’t you love when we’re able to talk low-tech about this technical stuff?)

You can learn all about my career and skills on LinkedIn. I’ll consolidate the story for you here.

  • 25 years experience in business development, technology, and international sales
  • Awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” at a ceremony at U.S. capitol.
  • Former CEO of
  • Host of the top-rated website according to CNBC Asia, Business Online and the Asia Observer
  • Prominent speaker at international conferences on web marketing, including: the World Economic Forum in Australia and the Asia Pacific Economic Co-Operation summit

I invite you to contact me, connect and tell me how I can help you.

Best regards,
Rosemary Brisco
Tel: +1.650.627.8800

Media Appearances include:

  • CNN Asia
  • CNBC Asia
  • Voice of America
  • Business Radio 1220

Features on Rosemary's Web business have appeared in more than 100 media including:

  • Asian Wall Street Journal
  • Business Week
  • BBC Radio
  • CNN
  • Financial Times
  • Industry Standard
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Reader's Digest
  • Reuters Forum Journal

Digital Divide

Rosemary was a member of the World Economic Forum Digital Divide Task Force and is author of the White Paper on the Gender Digital Divide that attracted a flurry of media and governmental attention.