High-performing websites employing usability testing garner better results.

B2B Website User Testing

High-performing websites employing usability testing  garner better results.

B2B Website Usability and User Testing

Real testing with real people.

A process for learning how site visitors interact with your website

A cold dose of reality: far too often, customers complain they can’t find what they’re looking for on a website. This is not a problem you should tolerate-and you don’t have to. And neither should your website visitors.

You simply need to see how people actually interact (or not) with your website. ToTheWeb offers a service, which allows you to get at the truth.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Up to three important tasks on your website are tested to uncover the issues real people have.
  • With our testing platform, you capture live interactions and can then watch a video demonstrating how visitors behaved when completing an important action on your site.
  • Practical changes to increase conversion are recommended to allow experienced website designers to correct the problems.

You might be thinking…

  • Usability testing is complex and expensive. It’s not. Testing costs will fit into almost every site development budget. No equipment purchases are required.
  • We need a large testing sample. As few as five subjects will deliver amazing insights far more valuable than a focus group could possibly deliver.
  • Test subjects need to be carefully selected. This is not the case. Anonymous visitors to the site will provide the results you need to uncover 80% of the problems your prospects will experience.
  • Testing is not important. If conversion is important, testing is vital. The truth is your development team is too close to the project and will miss the flaws. Real users provide real-world insights.
  • Quick pre-launch tests will do. This line of thinking will derail your schedule. Testing is an iterative process, which should be done early and often.

How people read on the web

You can’t change the way humans do what they do. However, to maximize the impact of the content you work so hard to create, you can—and absolutely should—create and format your content based on how website visitors read.  People read as little as possible on your website and most sites they visit.

Don't be discouraged.

We've published an excerpt of research behavior that will impact usability!

Learn how real people read on the web.

We've tackled the AI learning curve to fast-track your team's journey.

Our strategy will create new sales opportunities for your business.

Increase sales and attract more customers to your website.
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