B2B Website Lead Generation

The true measure of SEM performance is lead conversion, so we direct our efforts to improving landing pages, monitor activity and escalate conversion. Increasing converting traffic is the goal.

Your website:
Is it your best sales tool?

Effective search engine marketing increases your exposure and generates a higher volume of visitors to your site.

This is where the challenge really begins. It’s the website’s job to capture visitors and convert them into pipeline leads. Are you confident it will?

ToTheWeb guides you through the process of increasing conversion to capture more leads and sales from website activity.

Fact-finding is required.

We’ll employ analytics, user testing and A/B testing to uncover site problems.

  • What content do visitors prefer on the site?
  • Which initiatives are most successful?
  • What navigational paths do visitors take through the site?
  • How are visitors finding the website?
  • Do visitors come from Google and then immediately leave? If so, this simple action will negatively impact your site’s ranking potential.

Establishing objectives and KPIs

Tooled with the historical data we need, we’ll then define conversion objectives with quantifiable metrics. We’ll provide recommendations for improving on-site conversion.

Case Study: Omni ID

ToTheWeb increased the company’s web leads by 70% in the first year. > Read the summary

Our lead generation strategy will create new sales opportunities.
Contact ToTheWeb to increase sales and attract more customers to your website.