Keyword Research

ToTheWeb delivers a comprehensive, custom keyword reference guide to drive SEM efforts across your website, content and social media networks.

Your key to SEO success:
Strategic keyword use

Your website team, writers, social media team all need a keyword reference guide featuring clear directives for optimizing every piece of content for success with search.

This is the key to effective SEO programs that boost your site’s ranking in organic search results. We’ll conduct thorough keyword research to determine the terms and phrases most likely to be used in search engines by prospective customers and use the results to revise the content throughout your site.

The keyword research and discovery process often includes:

  • Discussing the keywords you want to include
  • Sourcing keyword possibilities from past or ongoing PPC campaigns
  • Talking to your clients and sales team
  • Researching competitor sites
  • Analyzing your site to find the pages effectively using exact keyword phrases
    (ToTheWeb has a proprietary software tool used for this activity)
  • Evaluating keywords being used in search engines that currently drive traffic to your site
  • Gathering keywords visitors entered into your on-site search tool

Your keyword reference guide is gold

ToTheWeb clients rave about the keyword reference guides they’re provided. Your keyword guide will be used by your entire content creation team—and not only on your website—but also in social media, videos, and all media relations.

Our strategy will create new sales opportunities for your business.
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