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30+ ChatGPT Use Cases and Productivity Prompts for Modern Marketers

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It’s no secret ChatGPT can drastically reduce the time it takes for marketers to generate content, conduct research, analyze data, and perform a long list of tasks.

If you’ve fiddled with ChatGPT, you know how important it is to feed it detailed prompts. The more context you give it, the better responses it gives you.

I suspect by now you’ve learned all this, but I also suspect your job keeps you plenty busy and it’s not exactly easy finding the time to master the platform.

Allow me to accelerate your command of ChatGPT

I’m going to save you time. A. Lot. Of. Time.

See, at ToTheWeb, we’ve invested hundreds of hours creating, refining, and testing ChatGPT prompts for use across a sizable array of marketing use cases. When we found a winner (and we found many) we documented the prompts and gathered the results they generated.

And so here and now, we present a true gem of an ebook you absolutely must download. There’s no form to complete, so help yourself with just one click to:

Productivity Prompts—30+ ChatGPT Use Cases for Marketers

The E-book is an A-mazing resource

After its brief intro, “Productivity Prompts” presents a dialog we had with ChatGPT featuring seven questions and answers to acquaint you with the world’s coolest conversationalist.

And then you get 39 prompts and examples of ChatGPT’s responses you might apply yourself. The prompts instruct you how to:

  • Summarize all kinds of content
  • Perform sentiment analysis
  • Conduct competitive research
  • Accelerate your blog workflow and post creation
  • Audit and repurpose content
  • Create email campaigns, social posts, video scripts and press releases
  • Create thorough and effective product launches

The free ebook also features:

  • Recommended ChatGPT plugins to expand functionality and unlock more advanced use cases.
  • An in-depth FAQ that answers common questions about copyright, quality, privacy, plagiarism, and more when using ChatGPT for marketing applications.

Productivity Prompts—30+ ChatGPT Use Cases for Marketers

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