Catapult productivity with artificial intelligence.

Customized AI Training Aligned
With Your Sales & Marketing Goals

Catapult productivity with artificial intelligence.

Customized ChatGPT Training Aligned with Your Marketing Goals

ChatGPT has arrived.

It’s free to use. However, you’re only going to transform your marketing operation into an AI-assisted productivity machine when you understand precisely how to tap into its enormous potential.

Uncover fast paths to productivity

Your ChatGPT training course will be customized to address the specific challenges your team faces. It might cover best practices to:
  • Quickly create strategic project plans and reports
  • Use AI to perform repeatable projects done daily or weekly
  • Accelerate and improve keyword research for more effective search optimized content
  • Write better ad copy
  • Respond more quickly and succinctly to emails

100% relevance = remarkable ROI

Custom Content

There’s no book. No canned video. No quizzes or certifications. And it’s not until after we collaboratively prepare that we create an agenda for your training. Your trainer works with you in advance of the session to conceive, test, develop, and refine time-saving use cases that you deem the most relevant.

An Interactive Experience

Prompts are the key to pushing your productivity to new heights. You’ll be shown how to provide ChatGPT the prompts required to complete important tasks far faster. Again, nothing’s canned. The material will be presented and demonstrated live on Zoom.

“Our group training session with ToTheWeb was eye-opening. Everyone went away with specific ideas regarding how they’ll apply ChatGPT to accelerate their workflows.

And, importantly, the people that came into it thinking that AI would take their jobs, left the training with a completely different point of view. They found a new friend. It was inspiring.”

“ToTheWeb’s ChatGPT training course is illuminating and immediately actionable. Recasting ChatGPT from boogeyman to idea machine for marketers, Rosemary provides expert guidance on how to optimize prompts, the best plugins to use, and the pitfalls to avoid.

The training was an instant ROI for the Studio PKC team. We walked away energized, full of ideas on how ChatGPT can save us time in research and iterating, so we’re free to focus on our highest value thinking and creating for our clients. Highly recommend!”

Pamela Kim

Studio PKC

"Rosemary Brisco is the best speaker I've heard on explaining the practical and appropriate uses of AI for marketing purposes. If you're interested in AI, this is an event worth attending "Unlock Infinite Possibilities with ChatGPT Plugins + New Features."

She's like a master conductor bringing all the various "AI instruments" together to make great music."

Sandra Clark

LinkedIn Mentoring

    Is ChatGPT training worth the money?

    It's learn-as-you-go, no manual included!  Your training will be led by expert instructors who are passionate about helping your business succeed with ChatGPT. The goal is to help ensure each team member is able to drastically boost productivity. For example:
    • 10 team members save 20 hours per month (200 hours).
    • 200 hours saved (at $100 per) = $20,000 saved per month.
    • The value of the annual hours saved = $240,000

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    Master today's most effective Productivity Tools

    Outsourcing AI training and consulting to experts is a strategic choice, enabling your team to concentrate on core marketing functions. By tapping into our specialized knowledge and experience, your team gains advanced AI insights and practices without diverting from their primary responsibilities.

    Let's talk about how to boost marketing productivity with ChatGPT

    • The expert trainers at ToTheWeb will answer your questions.
    • You’ll be provided a questionnaire to help assess your requirements, challenges, and training needs.
    • We’ll develop a curriculum in line with the tasks member of your marketing team can perform with AI tools.

    The marketing engine has been re-invented.

    It runs on AI.

    Empowering Marketers

    Single session: $3,000USD/15 attendees
    Discounts for multiple sessions
    • 30-Min AI Tools Introduction
    • 60-Min Customized Training
    • In-Depth Prompt Engineering
    • Capabilities and Limitations
    • Go-To-Market Strategies
    • Market Research and Analysis
    • Data-Driven Decision Making

    Smarter Selling with AI

    Single session: $3,000USD/15 attendees
    Discounts for multiple sessions
    • 90-min Customized Training Session
    • Researching Prospects Efficiently
    • Tailoring Sales Pitches
    • Gathering, Analyzing Competitor Data
    • Sales Process Optimization
    • Lead Nurturing with Personalized Outreach Campaigns
    • Closing Deals, Responding to RFPs

    Designers Intro to AI

    Single session: $3,000USD/15 attendees
    Advanced w/ video production: $3,500USD
    • 90-min Customized Training Session
    • Innovating with AI-Generated Visuals
    • Optimizing Design Projects Using AI
    • Personalizing Designs with AI-Enhanced Creativity
    • Leveraging AI for Brand Consistency
    • Applying AI in Multimedia and Interactive Design
    • Copyright and Ownership

    We've tackled the AI learning curve to fast-track your team's journey.