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  Everyone’s searching for everything on Google. They’re going to find the company and content they’re looking for. The question is: Will it be yours?To be successful with online marketing, you need to get high on Google. » Let’s look at the 3 secrets …Secret #1 – Effective SEO ... Read More


In the world of SEO optimization, PDFs often get short shrift.The big myth that search engines can’t digest PDF content used to be the case years ago, but the search engines have come a long ... Read More


The Most Effective Way to Use Your High-Value Keywords in Online Content to Rank Higher in GoogleStep One:  Determine the keywords most likely to be used by prospective customers and then write your content using ... Read More


The client's YouTube channel had a rich collection of over 80 videos that were languishing with low views. In 3 1/2 months after optimizing the channel, total video views jumped 31% when compared to the previous 2 years of data. The biggest bonus was that YouTube became one ... Read More


Disclaimer: There is no guaranteed way to get your company listed at Wikipedia. These are only methods and tips to get you started, but there are no guarantees that your company content will stay on Wikipedia.See Part 1 ... Read More


There are two things businesses should realize when they’re looking to leverage Wikipedia to drive website traffic:Wikipedia pages are NOT MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES. Let me repeat that: your Wikipedia page is NOT A MARKETING OPPORTUNITY. Wikipedia is an internet ... Read More


All it takes is a quick look at your landing pages on a browser-enabled phone or tablet to understand the challenges your visitors face. Compare Kumon's mobile landing page compared to the desktop version:Top Ten Best Practices for Mobile Site... Read More


Google recently announced a number of changes to its privacy policy, sparking a firestorm of controversy online and off. Large waves of criticism have been leveled at Google, labeling the changes a violation of privacy and a malicious attempt to intrude on Google users’ private information.The thing is, all Google is ... Read More


Optimizing your images with file names and good alt tags is another easy way to let Google know the theme of your web pages - which in turn helps with improved search rankings. The result: more visitors. Here's the top 5 steps in optimizing images for Google Image ... Read More


What’s The Big Deal About Video?Google is in beta with software that will translate the words spoken in a video to text that can be indexed by search engines. The SEO implications are enormous. Once this technology is perfected, it will allow video content to be found in the search ... Read More

Getting High on Google Search: The 3 Secrets to Success in Organic Rankings

Getting High on Google Search: The 3 Secrets to Success in Organic Rankings

Getting High on Google Search: The 3 Secrets to Success in Organic Rankings