Paid Online Advertising | SEM

Pay-Per-Click, Display, YouTube and remarketing advertising programs are created and implemented to create a steady flow of traffic and pipeline sales leads.

Google Paid Advertising:
Why the leading PPC program is a must-have.

Earning high rankings in Google with organic SEO takes time, experimentation, and hard work. And you may never be able to achieve high positions for highly competitive keywords.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the fastest road to search results-especially for the highly competitive keywords that pose difficult challenges for organic search.

ToTheWeb helps you take advantage of PPC’s leading program, Google AdWords. We’ll manage your program to insulate you from the complexity and ensure you investment in PPC returns the best possible results.

Google AdWords: the most ROI-focused search program of them all.

With AdWords, you get what you pay for: clicks from more qualified site visitors.

A ToTheWeb PPC program entails:

Search engine marketing (SEM) Paid Search Display Advertising

Ad Network Setup and Management

  • Budgeting
  • Bid management (based on budget, frequency, ad positions and agreed parameters)
  • Regular monitoring, reporting and continuous refinement
  • Paid Advertising in Google’s Search Engine and to Google’s Search Network Partners
  • Display advertising with banners and text ads across content sites like New York Times for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Retargeting (AKA: Remarketing): Deliver to people who’ve previously visited your site or viewed your YouTube videos as they browse the Web on sites like New York Times.
  • Paid Media Management Pricing: $15,000 minimum for 3 months.

Our strategy will create new sales opportunities for your business.
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