ChemCo Systems

ToTheWeb Success Story: 70% Reduction in Customer Support Demands After a Website Redesign.

70% Reduction in Customer Support Demands

The Problem

ChemCo Systems manufactures over one hundred products designed to repair and protect architectural and structural concrete and other construction materials. The company’s website did not communicate clearly with its customers or allow them to easily locate ChemCo product information. ToTheWeb’s first step was to understand not only ChemCo’s business but also the needs of its customers, and focused on:


  • Implementing all-new site design featuring clear, intuitive navigation links so customers could quickly access product information and download PDF data sheets for any of ChemCo’s hundreds of products.
  • Producing a clear “call to action” message for the new ChemCo homepage that addressed the four categories of customers the site was likely to attract.
  • Differentiating between similar product lines through the use of different colors in the page designs and carefully written copy.
  • Aiding site visitors with a “site search” function built into every page enabling visitors to search the entire site, including PDF files, for specific words or phrases.


The end result was a new site that, according to John Bors of ChemCo, was a significant improvement over earlier attempts. Results to date include:

Increased efficiency — ChemCo spends 70% less time faxing product information since PDF datasheets for all products are now available online.
Increased referrals — ChemCo distributors report an increase in the number of referrals they receive through the new site, which has boosted site traffic by 20%.
Better qualified — Customers contacting ChemCo through the new website are better qualified and informed resulting in less customer-support time.
More support — ChemCo customers report that they are getting better support since data on all the company's products is now available online and current.
Stronger international presence — ChemCo can reach out to potential international clients, such as those in China, more easily through a powerful, professional web presence.
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