Search Engine Marketing: What we Can and Cannot Control

Search Engines reward sites that create great content
— viewable across all devices
— that visitors read, share and link to.

Search Ranking Factors We Can Control

Your Website and Owned Web Properties: The content on your website and other owned properties must be optimized to include the keywords it expects to rank well for. Optimizing content means using the selected keyword (including modifiers) several times within the page content, in hyperlinks, and in the page Title tag. Anything less is unlikely to produce satisfactory results.
Paid Search Advertising (PPC): As a search marketer, we can control the ads and the landing pages. We can't control the position your ads will achieve. Google uses a complicated factor known as quality score determine your ad ranking.

Search Ranking Factors We Can Not Control

Smart Marketers & The Media they Use to Drive Leads
Social Media: Social has everything to do with search ranking because it provides signals to search engines about how people view your content. Do they trust it? Are you an authority site?
Links Pointing to your Website: Google and other search engines use off-site ranking factors such as measuring the quality and quantity of links pointing to a domain to determine ranking. The more high-quality links pointing to a domain - the greater likelihood that the site will have higher search rankings.
Search Engine Results Page Click Activity: Google's mantra is for site owners to develop great content that visitors will want to read, share and link to.

Google is now measuring the bounce rate from a search engine results page (SERP) to your site. If people click from the SERPs to a page on your site and immediately return to the SERPs, Google knows this page's content didn't satisfy the visitor for that search query. Result: your page drops in search ranking for that search query.
Content for Mobile Users: In June 2013 Google announced that websites providing a poor user experience for smartphone visitors could expect lower search rankings.
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