Technical SEO Audit Checklist to Improve Google Search [Infographic]

All the efforts you pour into keyword research and publishing content on your website can be sabotaged by technical SEO problems.

Through years of experience and testing, ToTheWeb has identified 21 issues in 10 categories you’ll want to audit to ensure your web pages are optimized to deliver superior search results in Google and other search engines.

Smart Marketers Consider a Technical SEO Audit a Priority

Any number of technical search engine optimization (SEO) issues can lower your website’s ranking or worse—make it invisible to Google and other search engines.

  • Are all your web pages in Google’s Index? Your competitors might be just as clever as your company at content marketing but technical SEO mistakes like a forgotten “noIndex” tag can bury a website and make it invisible to Google.
  • Using Descriptive Anchor Text? Your web pages will never rank #1 if Google can’t understand what it is about. Learn how link text can improve the content signals Google receives about your website.
  • Duplicate Content & Low-Value Pages: There are so many reasons for duplicate and low-value content to appear from your domain in Google. Don’t let it derail your search ranking success.
  • Optimize for Speed on Mobile Devices: You don’t stand a chance to rank high on mobile devices for important keywords if your web pages are slow to load. Pages should load in 3 seconds  or less on mobile.
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Evaluate your website using our technical SEO audit checklist and eliminate the most serious problems that plague many sites.

Download the high-resolution PDF of the infographic.

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