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9 “Quick Wins” to Instantly Boost B2B Lead Generation

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Cut through your list of marketing activities and apply these quick wins to boost B2B website leads.

If you’re struggling with a long list of demand generation activities, wondering what will have the strongest impact with the least effort, our Quick Wins guide will get you started on the right track.

Implement one new lead generation activity a week.


Use your Company’s Core Keyword On the Homepage → in HTML Text
  • Include the company’s most important keyword phrase on the homepage — in the right way.
    The keyword phrase for which you want to be found should be used in HTML in a significant way. This means using your important keyword phrase, its modifiers and related synonyms in the:

    • homepage in a natural manner,
    • page titles and subheadings,
    • hyperlinks pointing to that page,
    • Title attributes tag and the Description Meta tag.

    The homepage is an important place to include the important keyword(s) because it generally has the highest authority compared to all other pages on your site. Download our detailed keyword research and optimization guide.


Don’t Guess About What Users Are Doing on Your Site
  • The homepage and any other key pages look great but they don’t convert. Why?
    Knowing what to fix first shouldn’t be guesswork. CrazyEgg’s heat-mapping software acts like x-ray glasses that let you see exactly what people are clicking on.

    Homepage real estate is super valuable, and if you’re having trouble getting important site updates made, CrazyEgg is a very persuasive way to show stakeholders what is happening.

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Get started with a 30-day free trial from CrazyEgg. I guarantee you’ll love it and want to add heat maps to all key pages.


You Need a Fact Sheet if Your “About Us” Page is a Heavily-Visited Section of your Site
  • Create a Corporate Fact Sheet and make it available in PDF throughout the site.
    This fact sheet will get circulated within a company evaluating your services. Start with a one or two-page document and monitor how often it is downloaded. You already have the content on the site in various places such as the Company and Products pages. One of our clients added a Fact Sheet and it became the most-downloaded PDF across their entire website. Incorporate your company’s most important keywords and a link back to your site within this PDF document.



Companies Need to Work Hard on Building Email Lists
  • Sophisticated B2B customers are often reluctant to provide their email addresses.
    The conversion rate from email campaigns is higher than from other sources.This alone is one of the best reasons to beef up your list building strategy. Don’t forget to include email list sign-ups as a conversion goal in Google Analytics. Learn how here.

    SumoMe to the rescue! For $20/month, you can improve website list-building to gather email addresses. This program also syncs with popular email delivery programs like MailChimp.

    HubSpot has a good article on email list building.

    A nice example of gathering contact details and email from an online interactive tool can be found here.


Excite your visitors by offering something they value → give it away for free!
9 Quick Wins to Instantly Boost #B2B Website Lead Generation. Click To Tweet


Keep everything organized and in one place.

Simplify your blog production process.We learned that many bloggers start their posts without asking important questions such as:

  • What keywords do I want this post to rank for?
  • Who’s my target audience? Who do I want to read this post?
  • What is the best call-to-action for this content?
  • What’s the best day of the week to post?

Our customizable blog template and checklist will keep you focused and act as a reminder as you write your content. We recommend adding analytics data for each post 3-months post-launch to give you one place to look at the success of all post relative to day-of-week, keywords, etc.

It also provides a place for keeping track of future blog ideas in the “Ideas Parking Lot” tab. You’ll find this customizable template stored in Google Drive to keep you on track. Click here to access.



Your visitors have questions – make it easy for them to talk to you.
  • Keep your visitors satisfied so they will convert.
    Tools like Olark Chat make site implementation easy and inexpensive. You don’t even have to have a live operator available to use online chat. It can operate on the site as a feedback mechanism as shown on We’ve made important changes to our website from comments provided through chat.

    Olark says: “Your customers are already on your site. Talk to them.”

    Read this post on Quora showing how online chat drove 85.6% customer satisfaction from IT buyers.


Journalists need your story. You get exposure and inbound links.
  • This free service offers the easiest way to gain exposure and build links at the same time.
    Services like HARO connects journalists with expert sources to meet journalists’ deadlines. They do this by sending an email that includes the journalist’s questions and submission criteria.Think of HARO as offering FREE advertising for your business in exchange for a rather small effort on your part.Search engines rank sites higher that have quality links pointing to their websites.  Every article we have provided to a HARO journalist that was published provided a link to our site from that publisher’s site.

    This is time-sensitive, if you want your submission to be considered for inclusion in their article you usually need to respond within hours of receiving the email.

    Get a cheat sheet set up containing links to your photo and a short bio. Over time, you can develop a list of common answers relating to your business expertise making it easy to customize for each closely related journalist request.

    I’m a big fan of this service because for as little as $19/month we get access to reporters and journalists who are writing stories about content where we are an expert.Our experience is that once or twice a week we find journalist requests worth responding to. The time it takes to respond depends on the request but often the journalists are looking for short quotes or answers.


    How to Design Call-to-Actions for Your Website that Actually Work?
    Examples of Great Content Marketing?
    Most valuable piece of customer insight companies can gain from their business analytics 

    Try the HARO $19/month package to get the requests faster. Read their success stories.


Marketers can uncover critical data to understand how to drive more organic traffic.
  • This free service offers the easiest way to gain valuable search insight.
    Google Search Console is a collection of tools and reports provided free to marketers and webmasters to understand how Google views your site.

    From this data, you will learn how people are finding your site, the pages that receive the highest rankings, along with other important search ranking issues. Search engine optimization is a never-ending job and gaining access to this data helps you immediately learn where to focus your efforts.

    Learn How to Build your Own SEO Reporting Dashboard → Effective “No-Cost” SEO Reporting Template

9 Quick Wins to Instantly Boost #B2B Website Lead Generation. Click To Tweet
→ Try these “Quick Wins” and let us know how it worked.

Data Drive Strategies to Fast Track B2B Lead Generation


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