Video Offers an Edge in the Sales Cycle: Survey Concludes Enterprise IT Professionals Find Product Videos "Very Useful"


Video Offers an Edge in the Sales Cycle: Survey Concludes Enterprise IT Professionals Find Product Videos "Very Useful"

What’s The Big Deal About Video?

Google is in beta with software that will translate the words spoken in a video to text that can be indexed by search engines. The SEO implications are enormous. Once this technology is perfected, it will allow video content to be found in the search engines based on the spoken words in the video.

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TechTarget/Google How IT Buyers Search Online During the Purchase Process

A collaborative survey between Google and Tech Target confirms that there is a big opportunity for companies providing video content to further engage with IT customers during their product research cycle. The survey concludes that IT buyers are showing a growing interest in video content as a means of educating themselves during the buying process.

What the Survey Tells Us About Using Video to Engage With Customers

      • 55% of survey respondents report that video content would be very useful in educating themselves about products and services they were researching, with the intent of buying.
      • 59% report watching video on YouTube, manufacturer, and content publisher’s sites. Watching video on vendor sites trailed far behind these choices, suggesting that vendor sites could see higher rates of use if they featured relevant video content.
      • 41% report that they prefer product demos to be less than 5 minutes in length. Attention spans are short, requiring companies to get to the point quickly.

SFO Design - Video Production

Jim Rodgers of SFO Design suggests video conveys complex ideas and technologies faster than a white paper.  Rodgers suggests that a 2-minute video introducing a technical white paper can significantly increase white paper download rates.

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