Defining B2B Lead Generation Goals to Drive Leads | Relaunch Goals

Establish Website Relaunch Goals that you can Measure and Manage

The best way to measure the success of a website relaunch project is to set quantifiable goals. Adapt the following to your site’s goals and track the progress on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Within 3 months of Launch3-Month Progress
1) 12 Email inquiries per month from prospects

  • Baseline: 4 per month

2) 4 Demo Downloads

  • Baseline: 20 demo downloads

3) 40% of site visitors visit more than 4 web pages.

  • Baseline: 20% of visitors visit 4 pages

What is a measurable goal?

A goal must be measurable: for example, 200 qualified leads in the next 30 days or gross product sales of $15 million in the next quarter.

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